System requirements


pproject is designed for linux systems. OS X should also work, but Windows is not supported yet.

You need conda (Anaconda / Miniconda) with conda-build installed for this tool.

git has to be installed and configured ( and set in the .gitconfig), too.


Currently pproject only supports the following vcs:
  • github
  • gitlab (on or self-hosted)


For installation instructions of conda see:


Alternatively use the following to install miniconda including conda-build and set folder permissions and conda-installation-path as required by the pproject-tool:

export CONDADIR=/var/local/conda
mkdir -p $CONDADIR
curl -L -o /tmp/
/bin/bash /tmp/ -f -b -p $CONDADIR
rm /tmp/
$CONDADIR/bin/conda install conda-build
sudo groupadd condausers
sudo usermod -aG condausers $USER
sudo chown -R root:condausers $CONDADIR
sudo chmod -R 775 $CONDADIR

For creation of pdf-documentations for your projects you’ll also need the following packages:

  • texlive-base
  • latexmk
  • texlive-fonts-recommended
  • texlive-latex-recommended
  • texlive-latex-extra

pproject supports the following shells:

  • bash
  • zsh


conda create -n pproject python=3.6 ouroboros-tools-pproject -c

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